JIRA® and Atlassian® Tools Deployment
Atlassian’s® Development Suite – JIRA®, Confluence®, Bitbucket® and Bamboo® – is the most comprehensive project management software available. We help enterprises get more out of these tools by delivering exceptional consulting, support and coaching services.
Consulting Services Overview
Strategic Deployment

Project Managers, Developers, Customer Service, Marketing—each role in your business—all need different information. These specific needs and your business objectives drive our customization, so that everyone has the most relevant information and tools at their fingertips.

The result? Smooth adoption of JIRA and minimal disruption during the transition.

Data Migration and Sync

Already have data in another system? We can get JIRA to handle your data – whether you want a permanent migration or ongoing sync. We’ve seen it all, and integrated JIRA with databases, SalesForce, Sharepoint, and many other systems.

Speed and Uptime

Your Atlassian tools should be fast. We’ll analyze and upgrade your server hardware, operating systems, database choices and the configuration options that impact performance. We’ve achieved great performance even on huge JIRA instances—up to 8,000 users with 150,000+ issues.

Customize Workflows and Automation

We work with teams to identify workflow specifics in their work and development process. Then we build proper automation into JIRA to achieve efficiency and transparency of a well-oiled assembly line. Your team won’t spend time wondering about process, JIRA remembers for them.

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